Chhatarpur Temple (originally known as Shri Aadya Katyayani Shakti Peetham) is located in a down town area in south of Delhi – Chhatarpur. This temple is dedicated to Goddess, Katyayani. It is located at Chhatarpur, on the southwestern outskirts of the city of Delhi and is just 4 km from Qutub Minar, off Mehrauli-Gurgaon road.

The temple was established in 1974, by Baba Sant Nagpal ji, who died in 1998. His samadhi shrine lies in the premises of the Shiv-Gauri Nageshwar Mandir within the temple complex.

This temple was considered as the biggest temple in India and second largest in the world, before the Akshardham Temple was created in 2005 in Delhi.

Katyayani is one of the incarnations of Goddess Durga, also known as Parvati or Lalitha, the wife of Lord Shiva and has the following story as the background. There was a Rishi named Katyayan who worshipped Durga devi and asked her for a boon that she be born as his daughter. Devi got pleased and fulfilled his wish. In this Avtaar, she killed Mahishasur, the demon. The idol of Devi is depicted as golden complexioned and carrying various weapons in her hand for destruction of evil.

Aarti & Timings

The temple is open on all days of the week from 04:00 am to 11:00 pm. The morning aarti is held at 4:00 am. Aarti is also held in the evenings and it is best to visit the temple during the aarti.

The Durga aarti done during the Navratra festivals attracts a huge crowd and people from all castes and creeds are welcome here to take part in the festivities. After the aarti, prasad is distributed in the temple premises.

Similar rituals of prasad distribution after aarti are followed for most of the festivals and the midnight aarti performed during Janmashtami is also a prime attraction here.